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Overseas Domestic Helpers

Good Link Consultants Limited has been established since 1989Our company provided the services with the “Good Link Consultants”. We operate overseas domestic helpers, with good services, good reputations and reasonable fees. We also hold the business certificate approved by the Consulates of the Philippines and Indonesia.

All Filipino maids registered with the company with completed secondary education and even university degrees or professional training from nurses and teachers. All Indian domestic helpers are required to receive Cantonese and housekeeping training. Most maids have overseas experience such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Middle East.

According to our company requirements, all maids must pass the medical examination at the Government Registration Laboratory before signing the employment contract and leaving the territory. To reassure the employers, all foreign domestic helpers on the day of arrival should also be re-accepted including the lungs, AIDS and B. Hepatitis, syphilis and pregnancy tests, the examination report will also be sent back to the employer.

During the contract period, employers can enjoy full-time follow-up by maids and free labour legislation consultation services.

“Good Link Consultants” is one of the first companies to launch “Online Domestic Helper Services”. Our website is updated from time to time, and the maid’s information is detailed. For example, the profile of the Filipino is accompanied by a personal short film and profile listing. Through the Internet review, you do not need to come in, you just sit in your home to select your expected domestic helper.


Body Check Examination Services

We also provide various types of medical examination service plans at direct selling prices.Due to the large demand of examination services, we can provide the extremely affordable prices of medical examination laboratories.The highly experienced medical staff has been operated since 1990.

In addition, many clients had requested the demands for flexible medical examinations.We introduced the self-organized projects in 1992. For example, in addition to the men’s health basic plan, we can add specific body check plans to make our clients more flexible and free to choose.

If you have any queries on our company services, please feel free to contact us. We also have a Facebook page to deepen our customers’ health knowledge about body check examinations.

# On May 22, 2019, “Good Link Consultants Limited” has replaced the employment licence and the operations of the “Good Link Consultants” (Company Registration No. 13245811).


Registered Insurance Agents

We are the licensed agent that is also a registered insurance agent, representing the general insurance of a number of multinational insurance companies: water, fire, labor, engineering, office, shop, home, car and other insurance. The premiums are appropriate, welcome to call the insurance agent registration number : 09203881 Hong Kong Insurance Agents Register.

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