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Employer’s Liability(Employees Compensation Insurance)

If your domestic helper suers an injury or disease arising out of and in the course of her employment, this policy indemnifies you against your legal liability to pay compensation, costs and/or expenses. The maximum indemnity for any one event is HK$100 million.

Loss of Services Cash Allowances

If your domestic helper is confined in a hospital due to sickness or injury, this policy pays you a daily cash allowances of HK$200 for the loss of services commencing from the fourth day of the domestic helper’s hospital stay, subject to a maximum of HK$6,000 for each 12-month period.

Fidelity Guarantee

The policy provides cover against financial loss of the employer arising from a dishonest act by the domestic helper. The maximum payable amount for each 12-month period is HK$3,000.

Benefit Sections

Optional Cover
Cancer and Heart Disease Extension

With an additional premium, you can also obtain the following upgraded protection in the event of the domestic helper suering from cancer or heart disease:
Surgical and Hospitalisation Expenses
• Higher benefits up to HK$100,000 in aggregate
• Laboratory test expenses at any licensed centre up to HK$5,000

Waiting Period

A 10-day waiting period from the eective date of the policy shall be applicable under Sections 2, 3, 4 and 6. No benefits shall be payable under these sections in respect of any event occurring during this waiting period.


Benefit ItemsOnline Offer 2 Years PremiumOnline Offer 1 Year Premium
A. Labor, medical and personal accidents
(All risks) Include the following items 1 to 10
(Original Premium: HK$1,350)
(Original Premium HK$750)
【Optional Items】: Cancer and Heart Disease**HK$450 (Additional Premium)HK$250 (Additional Premium)
B Labor, medical and personal accidents
(Labour Accident) Include the following 1st and 6th protection items
**It is only suitable for domestic workers who are in good physical condition and have never been diagnosed or treated for “cancer or heart disease” when they are insured.
#Cancellation of the policy: If the client had the claims, we will first deduct the premium discount given to the client and the premium collected by the insurance company, and the balance will be returned to the customer.
Remarks:The above is for reference only and all terms and conditions are subject to the policy.
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QBE Domestic Helper Insurance

Payment Method

  • Please pay the premium via FPS Faster Payment System (FPS ID: 935 0943) Account Name : GOOD LINK CONSULTANTS or
  • ATM Bank Transfer: HSBC 121-747158-838 , Account Name: GOOD LINK CONSULTANTS

Frequently Asked Questions

The domestic helper has been working for a period of time. Would the policy effective date be traced back dated?

The policy effective date cannot be earlier than the signed proposal date.

When is the earliest effective date? When will I receive the policy?

The earliest policy start date is the same day. You can also specify other dates to start the policy, but the policy start date cannot be earlier than the date of insuring; the company will issue the policy on the same day (the company only issues the policy during Monday to Friday and non-public holidays) for you Apply for insurance and email the policy to you within two working days. You must provide the correct email address. If you cannot find the insurance policy in your inbox, miscellaneous box or trash can, please contact our company.

Could you provide a sample of the policy for reference?

The policy includes a coverage form and a policy terms. The coverage list summarizes the protection items and the policyholder’s information. For the policy contents, please visit this Link

How to buy it?

You can download the proposal form and pay it via our bank account information, then email or whatapp the proposal form with payment proof to us for our confirmation. Whatsapp 6544 4600 or email to IGOODLINK@IGOODLINK.COM. Payment can be FPS or ATM bank transfer.

「QBE Domestic Helper Protector」The Maximum Claim Amount

$ 10 M
Employer’s Liability (Employee Compensation Insurance), the maximum compensation for each claim is HK$100 million.
$ 150
The daily compensation for clinical expenses is HK$200 per day, and the maximum compensation for every 12 months is HK$4,000
$ 200000
Actual, surgical and hospital expenses paid, the maximum amount of compensation per 12 months is HK$30,000
$ 300 K
If negligence causes physical injury or property damage to others, the domestic helper’s personal legal liability is up to HK$500,000
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