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2019 Domestic Helper Checkup Offer

Regardless of whether the newly arrived or returning to Hong Kong after the holiday, in order to enable the employer to trust the baby or the frail elderly to take care of the FDH, the clients can buy the vouchers through us. The vouchers can be approved by the designated government. The laboratory has a physical examination.

The address, telephone number and office hours of the designated laboratory are detailed on the vouchers.

Vouchers will be confirmed before a working day of payment. Then send it by email.


Benefits of Good Link Voucher:

No need to make an appointment, The foreign domestic helper has purchased the same vocuher, can visit at the medical examination center at any time.

。High-cost blood test, accuracy is as high as 90%, non-general parity urinary pregnancy test comparable

Express Report, only 1-2 working days (Plan A) OR 2-4 working days (Plan B) reports will be available

。Can be checked on Sunday (Plan A only)

。If there is a problem with the report, there will be dedicated staff free telephone call explanation (Only for Plan B).


Two basic plansCheck up items (“Optional items”):
  Plan A Plan B
X-Ray Lung X X
Pulmonary function test (value HK$380)   X
Blood Test Pregnancy X X
Hepatitis B surface antigen X X
HIV antibiotic (HIV I & II) X X
syphilis X X
Stool Routine X X
Voucher Coupon (HK$) $780 900
Plan A Medical Examination Location : Jordan MTR B1 Exit
Plan B Medical Examination Location : Jordan MTR A Exit OR Causeway Bay MTR F Exit
* For Medical check-up on Sunday (09:00am – 12:00pm), only the Jordan MTR station B1 Exit (Plan A) is available.


  • Please WhatsApp 6544 4600 OR Email to: igoodlink@igoodlink.com with the following information:

    Your Name:

    Phone Number:


    Domestic Helper Full Name

    Domestic Helper HKID OR Passport:

    Venue: Plan A (Jordan)/B (Jordan/Causeway Bay)

    Plan A/BAttention: The voucher is valid within one month of the date of issue

  • We will reply you within one working day. Please Bank In or ATM or Online Banking to the following bank account of our company:

    HSBC 戶口 Bank Account Number:121-895312-838 

    Account Name:”Good Link Consultants Limited / 活聯顧問有限公司

    If you forget to print the voucher, you need to pay the additional fee HK$40.

    If you transfer money through a bank other than HSBC or Hang Seng Bank, we will charge you a surcharge HK$20. Please you need to pay it to our bank account together with the surcharge.



  • Please provide your proof of payment. You will receive an email by us within 1 working day.
    Please print (unless you have paid a $40 handling fee) and bring her coupon, HKID or passport to the medical check-up center.


  • After medical checkup, the electronic report will be provided after 1-2 working day (Plan A) OR 2-4 working days (Plan B) and we will email it to you.

    Plan B: If there is a problem with the report, the medical examination center will have a dedicated employee to explain the report on the phone.

    If there are other additional medical examination items besides the basic plan, the report will take 10-14 working days.


  • We will email the electronic examination reports (pure text) to you. If special request, you can take the hardcopy report including X-ray photo.

    Plan A: Please make a request at the time of appointment and you need to go to the medical examination center in person.

    Plan B: Please make a request at the time of registration at the medical examination center, and pay a HK$10 handling fee to the medical examination center. You will then need to go to the medical examination center in person.


  • If any amendment includes the valid date, name, HKID, etc. after the voucher had been issued, you need to pay an additional of HK100 handling fee. If need to cancel the voucher, an additional fee HK$100 will be charged.

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